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Napa Valley Memorial Park Cemetery
2383 Napa-Vallejo Highway
Napa, Ca 94558
PH (707) 255-3433

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Should I choose a crypt or a grave?
Personal preference and/or family tradition influence choices in this regard. Above ground entombment in a crypt building appeals to many people, including those who aren’t comfortable with traditional below ground burial. Indoor mausoleum crypts are conducive to visitation in inclement weather.

Are there advantages to buying burial space before my family actually needs it?
Yes. By making arrangements in advance, families can avoid confusion at the time of bereavement and assure themselves of burial and arrangements in the location they desire, and at a price they wish to pay. You will find our non-commissioned counselors knowledgeable and sensitive to your needs.

Should I buy space for the entire family?
It has been our experience that generally, a husband and wife buy space for themselves. Many families decide to purchase adjoining plots to form a family group. Family plots are also available and can accommodate larger headstones. Crypts for full size caskets and niches for cremated remains may be purchased individually or in family groups.

Do I have to pay a monthly maintenance fee?
No. Napa Valley memoirial Park is an endowment care cemetery. A one-time endowment care fee is charged at the time you purchase a grave, crypt or niche. The money is placed in a special trust fund, the proceeds of which are used to cover future maintenance costs throughout the Perpetual lifespan of the cemetery.

How do I pay for my burial arrangements?
There are a variety of payment options and terms designed to give you the flexibility to remain within your personal budget. Cash, check, MasterCard and Visa are honored for your convenience. Terms may be arranged with a down payment made at the time of a pre-need purchase, followed by interest free monthly payments. At the time of death, the burial arrangements are to be paid in full. Special terms are available for persons in need.

What kind of monument can I purchase?
Monuments conform to the regulations that govern different areas of the cemetery. These regulations are not arbitrary, but are designed to both enhance the care and overall beauty and character of each section of the cemetery. Memorial benches are available in various sections in the cemetery.

Is there any chance my grave will be re-sold after a specified number of years?
No. The purchaser has an exclusive and permanent right of use through an easement conveyed by Holy Cross Catholic Cemetery. This right passes to direct blood heirs immediately after the death of the recorded owner, although the spouse has the first right of burial. This applies to all graves, crypts and niches in the cemetery. Written permission of the heirs-at-law may be required for burial. It is advisable to secure permission in advance and place it on file in the cemetery office to prevent unnecessary stress a the time when permission is essential.

What is the difference between in-ground (traditional) and above-ground (mausoleum) burial?
It is truly a matter of preference. When you purchase in-ground (traditional) space, the cemetery requires an outer burial container (known as a vault), which must be purchased from a Funeral Director. However, if for religious reasons or green burial reasons you would prefer not to have a vault, the cemetery will waive this requirement.

When above-ground space in a mausoleum is purchased, the vault is included in the price. Whether you prefer in-ground or above-ground, purchasing space ahead of time (pre-arrangement) allows you to “lock in” the price for the most significant and time consuming cemetery decisions.

What is cremation?
Cremation is the reduction of the body of a deceased person to recoverable bone fragments through a process that combines intense heat and evaporation. After cooling, the fragments are pulverized. These fragments usually weigh 4 to 10 pounds.

What is the proper name for these remains?
What are commonly called ashes are not ash, but bone fragments. The proper terminology of the fragments is “cremated remains of the body”.

Does the cemetery have copies of the death certificates?
No the document kept on file at the cemetery is called a “permit for disposition”. It is issued by the Health Department Registrar in the county in which the deceased expired. California State Law requires that a properly executed death certificate be presented to the Health Department Registrar who subsequently issues the “permit for disposition”. This document must accompany the deceased to their final destination. Cemeteries cannot initiate burial without this permit and must keep it permanently on file (California Health & Safety Code 10376.8, 10376 & 10378). Actual death certificates may be obtained from the registrar in the county in which the death occurred.

Do you have a Veterans cemetery section and to what funeral and burial benefits are we entitled?
An honorably discharged veteran may be eligible for Veterans Administration Benefits which may include an American flag, a two-person honor guard at graveside to play taps and fold and present flag, possible reimbursement for a portion of the service and transportation fees, burial in any national cemetery, and a granite headstone or flat granite or bronze grave marker.

Napa Valley Memorial Park Cemetery does have a veterans section. A cemetery advisor can provide you with all the details and benefits for this section as well as assist you in making arrangements for a government marker.

Can you make special accommodations with regard to my religious affiliation? Does Napa Valley Memorial park have a Jewish section? Muslim section? Catholic section?
Napa Valley Memorial park welcomes all faiths and religions. Your cemetery advisor can assist you in arranging a funeral ceremony and final resting place that honors your affiliation. Our commitment is to provide you with quality services that are right for you, regardless of affiliation or non-affiliation.

We celebrate the ethnic diversity of our community by offering a wide variety of options to meet the special religious and cultural traditions of families. Whether your family wishes to observe longstanding traditions, create new rituals, or blend both together, our staff can help.

We've arranged services in our funeral homes, private homes, chapels, churches, temples, mosques, cemeteries, crematory chapels and other places meaningful to the person being honored. A funeral is more than a way to mourn a loss -- it is also a collective celebration of a life well-lived.

Common Questions Why do we need funerals or memorials?
A funeral or memorial provides family and friends an opportunity to say goodbye, to mourn and to grieve. It is a source of closure and an opportunity to remember how our loved ones lived and to celebrate the lives they lived with us.

Can we personalize the service?

Yes, We can coordinate services in traditional settings as well as locations that reflect your personal interests. Whether you’re an antique collector, golfer, car buff or wine enthusiast we can match you to an appropriate location. Facilities available include museums, historical mansions and wineries.

Can we have someone speak?
Yes, If you do not have you own speaker, you can select from a list of accomplished speakers who can reflect your values and religious beliefs. If the family chooses to speak we can arrange for a director to bring it all together.

Who owns Napa Valley Memorial Park Cemetery?
The Cemetery trust

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Napa Valley Memorial Park Cemetery
2383 Napa-Vallejo Highway
Napa, CA - California
(707) 255-3433

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